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Conficker Virus - April 1st or Not?

Hmmm.  There are so many viruses out there.  We’ve heard estimates of 40,000 new viruses every DAY.  This one gets the publicity.  So far, we haven’t seen anyone with it.  There was a patch issued in December…and a window of time between Oct-Dec where millions of Chinese pc’s got infected.  In December, there was “panic in the news pages” about this virus.  It is now on the third version.  We do not rate it that serious, though a patch can be installed (the December one).  Essentially, it’s a problem for those who are infected now but don’t know it.

The issue for businesses is that the virus is network aware and can attack other pc’s and server on a LAN (so this includes pc’s connected remotely by VPN).

The Basic Strategy is to

1. Scan for the virus
Can use Bitdefender’s QuickScan Their Press Release here.
Or use Symantec’s Cleaning Tool

2. Put on the Microsoft patch.

Patch: Conficker Patch downloads from Microsoft.

Main Conficker Information from Microsoft.

Free AntiVirus Scan 1
Free AntiVirus Scan 2(from Bitdefender)