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The grandfathers of pc faxing programs were Winfax from Symantec and Quicklink from Smith Micro. However, both products have evolved and then fallen out of the mainstream to some degree. Partly that has to do with Microsoft including faxing in their Windows operating system, and partly due to the explosion of email. For instance, why not scan a document and send it by email?

Symantec’s Winfax is still around and does a fine job, but it has been dormant for at least 2 years. Where once it was tightly integrated with Act (only a point for Act users) when Act was also a Symantec product, it has not kept up with Act's changes. If that’s important to you, then we’re sure that your Act consultant can help with the fax integrations for the newer Act since the redesign to use SQL (hoo boy, rolleyes).

However, there are many exciting ways to perform faxing these days. How about


using a typed document on your pc and sending by email to someone’s fax? This is doable. How about having others fax you and have it be received in your email box? Also doable! You need, tada, some online help. The biggest providers for some of these newer ways are and as well as . has a free 30 day account.

If it’s important to you, you can also have all your normal email printed out on your fax machine with