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Medical Billing

Whether for use in a medical practice or in an entrepreneurial billing service capacity, the industry offers some fine choices. Two juggernauts are Medisoft and Lytec, both from NDC.

For right now, we shall just discuss Medisoft. This program has transitioned many loyal DOS users (still a few holdouts) to their Windows version. If you have multiple practices this program requires you to have only one open at a time. So if you are working on Mr. Smith in practice A, and get a call from Mrs. Jones from Practice B, you have to close what you are doing in practice A and open Practice B to work on Mrs. Jones case.

What many people like about Medisoft is the integrated electronic billing through their clearing house. However there are interfaces for other clearing houses. The process is one of creating text file exports of unsubmitted electronic claims, which let’s just say takes a few steps, but is very functional.

Lytec is a higher cost product, and provides for customized forms to be used in the export process.


Altapoint is also available for less than $1000, with a widely installed user base.

Others to consider are the following

AdvancedMD - web based