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Anti Spam Programs

How many ways are there to handle spam? Tons. What is the basis for the spam? People buy lists and send unsolicited email to you. Once you get on a list, it is basically impossible to get off. So in other words, you can’t stop them from sending it. Your mission is to deal with it. Usually we get people being exasperated once they hit about 200 spams per day. In some cases, it is just time to setup a new email address (and keep protected!) However we have several accounts where a well known or important address must be kept, even though they get over 1000 spams per day.

By the way, what is the recommended way to protect your email? The main thing is don’t hand out to or publish your primary email for every Tom, Dick and Harry. So… setup an email account at Yahoo or Hotmail to use for online purchases and other sundry things where you have to give out the address to parties who you aren’t sure will safekeep it.

However, if you are experiencing spam, and want to manage it, below are some strategies. Now please note, most of these solutions are for pc client email programs. If you use webmail, you mostly have to rely on your webmail provider, though some pre-filtering can be employed.

Mail Clients

Ihatespam - one of the best and for a low price, too: $19

Spambully (Bayesian) from CA, has ordinary plus challenge response


McAfee - removed


Spaminspector - no longer available has Inboxer available

Pctools - spam monitor


Mail Client with Collaborative review/input

Cloudmark collaborative (for ranking spam) $40

spamcatcher (by allume) collaborative mailshell
$19 at download. $29 at allume

Byteplant’s “No Spam Today” uses Spam Assasin servers



Mailblocks – dead now


Review and Delete from Server first
Spam defender


Personalized Mail Addresses

Spam Gourmet




Spam Assassin apache open source

Brightmail part of Symantec




“No Spam Today” SMTP filter using Spam Assassin upstream

Redirects can do for personal box,